Networking Tips for International Students: It’s More Powerful than You Think

Are you reluctant to network out of fear of being perceived as self-assertive, pushy, irritating, or self-absorbed? Don’t be. Networking and interacting with people isn’t about using other individuals or aggressively endorsing yourself—rather it’s all about building strong and enduring relationships and connecting with others. These individuals might include people you already know or people you don’t know (that is, entirely new persons whom you’ve never met before). And although it may sound nerve-racking, it can be satisfying and enjoyable, even if you’re introverted. As humans, we are wired to bond with others. Therefore the actual aim of networking for international students should be to strengthen your subsisting connections and develop new ones.

Tapping the unseen job market through networking might take proper planning and guts, but it’s relatively more effective than randomly applying to jobs. Being open to connecting and helping others—in both favourable and unfavourable situations—can help you find the right job, make valued connections in your preferred field, and stay motivated during your job hunt.

In this vlog, Valeria explains how online networking can help you secure a job in the UK? She assures us that networking for international students does work and describes the way to do it effectively. Watch the video to discover the top tips for networking online, via LinkedIn, or by email, if you’re an international student hunting for a job in the UK.


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