How Writing Online Made me a Millionaire

Get free access to my Workflow and Deep Dive series on Nebula, along with a load of other exclusive content, bundled with CuriosityStream – https://curiositystream.com/ali and ...

These Pools Help Support Half The People On Earth

What are these electric blue ponds in the middle of the Utah desert? And why do they keep changing color?

Is Success Luck or Hard Work?

In a competitive world, tiny advantages can make all the difference. Get 10% off Snatoms with code ‘giveluck’ in the US: https://ve42.co/USA or International: https://sn ...

7 Daily Habits of High Performance Students

To celebrate 600,000 subscribers, I made something a bit different to what I normally do. This is a video of – from what I observed at university – the 7 most effective ...

How I ranked 1st at Cambridge University – The Essay Memorisatio

In this video, I talk through the Essay Memorisation Framework that I used to win the top exam

The Book That MOST Changed My Life

In this video I’ll be giving you an overview of the book that most influenced my career and development—4 Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss.

I build a computer and answer your questions

It was somehow harder to open the computer part packages than build the actual computer?? Grab a drink and come along with me as my apartment descends into chaos while I try to put ...

Brexit’s impact on studying or working in the UK: An expert answers all your questions

UK Government has demonstrated an urgency to implement the changes by launching a new student route in October 2020 and a skilled worker route from 1 December 2020. The United Kingd ...

Ranking every classic I read in 2020✒️

Thought I would sit down and talk about all the classics I read in 2020, hope you enjoy!

The rise of EduTube: how social media influencers are shaping universities

Popular vloggers are influencing how students learn and where they study. But are universities keeping up? When Jack Edwards uploads a video to YouTube about the highs and lows of h ...

The most chaotic bookshelf tour / book collection video you’ll ever watch

Finally got round to filming a bookshelf tour… and it was chaos. also — the reason i’m at my family home instead of my flat in london is because i came home for ch ...

A Big fat book haul for 2021 *19 Books*

19 books i’ve bought (or been gifted by my family) since christmas! hope this gives you some reading

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