Seize the Opportunity: Know About the Digital Marketing Job Profiles in the UK

Digital Marketing is a flourishing, dynamic, and huge field of marketing with multitudinous job roles in digital marketing. Nowadays, every business establishment starting from local small-sized enterprises to transnational corporations is using digital channels such as email, social media, search engines, as well as other websites to reach their existing and prospective clients. As an industry segment in continuous flux, digital marketing is considered to be the next limit and edge in career growth. It has developed as a field where opportunities and prospects are immense, and at the same time rewards are also ample.

There are different job roles in digital marketing that include designing an innovative marketing drive, creating killer content for businesses, engaging a higher number of people through social media, and analyzing the flow of visitors to the business website. There are diverse digital marketing roles that are there for developing effective digital marketing strategies using SEM, SEO, PPC along with other methods to attract higher traffic to the business website and enhance awareness regarding the brand, and the products/services of the company.

The Common Factors of Digital Marketing Job Profiles

An executive in the digital marketing segment is accountable for analyzing the online marketing strategies for the business. They ideate, plan and implement marketing campaigns, and develop and present the right content for the website of the business enterprise. Here is a list of roles and responsibilities of digital marketing executives:

In digital marketing job profiles, you’ll need to:

  • Identify industry/market trends and develop insights
  • Assign marketing investments
  • Plan and execute marketing promotions and campaigns
  • Manage and maintain a website of the business enterprise, considering commercial or professional procedures in mind
  • Optimize content for the official website as well as different business accounts of the firm on social media platforms
  • Work on different formats of content namely, blogs, vlogs, podcasts, and e-books to name a few.
  • Track the flow of website traffic regularly
  • Execute and evaluate performance metrics
  • Measure and analyze pre-determined goals in respect of ROI
  • Prepare precise reports and assessments to clienteles and management of the company to validate return on investment (ROI)
  • Carry out experiments and conversion checks
  • Arrange for internal reports daily
  • Implement new and ingenious cooperation among technologies and platforms
  • Execute email marketing campaigns
  • Study new online media prospects that may prove to be beneficial for the business
  • Create innovative website banners and assist in creating attractive web visuals
  • Communicating with clienteles, affiliate networks as well as affiliate partners
  • Carry out keyword research and present reports on web statistics
  • Contribute towards social media engagement, designing, developing, and executing brand awareness campaigns
  • Use web analytics software to track the performance of websites and present suggestions for improvement
  • Help in managing paid media, counting liaising with different agencies of digital adverts
  • Design and assimilate content marketing strategies
  • Maintain the contact database and help lead generation undertakings

Digital Marketing Job profiles: 

Digital Marketing is for innovative and passionate people. This segment presents a list of the digital marketing job profiles:

1. Digital Marketing Executive:


Here is a list of digital marketing executive roles and responsibilities:

  • Develop and execute digital marketing campaigns
  • Manage the website of the business
  • Work on optimizing SEO of the official website pages of the company
  • Optimize the content for the official website and the content circulated on different social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Google Plus among many others
  • Track, identify, and fix any error in the content published online
  • Prepare and present internal reports at a regular interval
  • Arrange webinars/webcasts
  • Track the traffic flow of the website
  • Explore new digital marketing trends
  • Promote and market the product and services of the company in the digital space.
  • Undertake social media efforts to increase KPIs, likes, shares, comments, tweets, and others
  • Crafting and implementing SMS, and email marketing operations.

2. Digital Marketing Manager


Here is a list of primary roles of a digital marketing manager (one of the important digital marketing job profiles)

  • Design, execute, and manage marketing operations that promote the products/services of the business
  • Work on enhancing awareness regarding the company’s brand in the digital space.
  • Drive traffic flow of the official website and generate leads
  • Enumerate site traffic, detect and analyze new digital technologies and boost marketing promotions, email marketing campaigns, social media operations, and advertising by employing web analytics tools.

3. SEO Executive


The main role of an SEO expert is to ensure a higher ranking of a website page on the result page of search engines and to increase the traffic flow of the website.

Here is a list of the roles and responsibilities of an SEO executive:

  • Handling on-site as well as off-site evaluation of customers in various businesses.
  • Keep a close eye on Google’s Algorithm.
  • Track and prepare performance reports utilizing Google Analytics
  • Work on on-page as well as off-page optimization of the company’s blogs

4. Social Media Marketing Expert


Here is the list of roles and responsibilities for the digital marketing job profile of social media marketing expert:

  • Devise social media marketing stratagem and operations by developing the content idea, planning the allocation of budget, and implementing timelines and schedules.
  • Promote and recommend the products/services of the brand on different social media platforms.
  • Devise social media marketing policy and implement it using thorough research of targeted audience and rivals.
  • Optimize the business pages of the company with each social media channel to increase the content visibility of the company.
  • Attain higher engagement of the targeted addressees, generate the lead, and convert leads into sales by exploiting different factors of digital marketing involved in social media channels.

5. Digital Copywriter


The digital copywriter can assist the content team to create content, edit and refine them, and use powerful words that can help in achieving higher reception. They can help in writing a copy that sells, writing an improved advert copy, help in email marketing campaigns, and assist the social media manager with better and more powerful words that can grab the attention of readers on social media channels. Here is the list of roles and responsibilities of a job profile digital copywriter:

  • Modify and fit the content and style of writing as per the set purpose like generating sales or informing something to the targeted audience.
  • Learn about the target audience as digital copywriters need to gain a comprehensive understanding of the interests of the targeted addresses to attract their attention
  • Write blogs, web pages, social media posts, video scripts, e-books, campaign slogans
  • Craft business pitches to acquire new customers and bag projects
  • Work collaboratively with the team to ensure that the visual elements of the company’s web pages are rightly harmonized with the words

6. Search Engine Marketer – SEM Expert


An SEM expert is responsible for analyzing the number of clicks and leads from a marketing campaign, analyzing the budget, handling bids, undertaking keyword research, assessing advert campaigns, copywriting, and many others. Here is the list of roles and responsibilities of the job profile SEM Expert

  • Maximize ROI in different paid campaigns by gathering and evaluating requisite data, and detecting market developments.
  • Examine website analytics, and Pay per click campaigns.
  • Optimize and adjust the landing pages of paid marketing operations.
  • Research and assess advertisement links of the rivals.
  • Handle the overhead and budget of digital marketing operations and approximate costs.

7. Inbound Marketing Executive

An inbound Marketing executive is an expert marketing professional with proficiency in drawing the attention of customers with content crafted to appeal to qualified prospects. Then, inbound marketing executives work on converting the prospects into leads and assist with revenue generation.

Here is the list of roles and responsibilities of the job profile of an Inbound marketing executive:

  • Develop and manage content such as blog posts, vlogs, podcasts, infographics, webinars, and many others, which can attract higher traffic flow.
  • Nurture leads and pushes them further into the sales funnel

8. Conversion Rate Optimizer


A conversion rate optimizers are accountable for handling, testing, and executing conversion points in the marketing funnel of the digital space. Here is the list of roles and responsibilities of the job profile of a conversion rate optimizer:

  • Optimize the conversion paths.
  • Improve the lead-to-purchaser rate of conversion.
  • Undertake A/B Testing, improve the performance of call to action and increase the rate of conversion steadily.
  • Optimizing call to action, different web forms for lead generation, and landing pages.
  • Collaboration with other teams of digital marketing for improving and optimizing each path of conversion.

9. Content Strategist


A content strategist is responsible for developing a content strategy based on pre-determined objectives of the business and the requirements of the targeted users. Here is the list of roles and responsibilities of the job profile of a content strategist:

  • Carrying out comprehensive research to acquire detailed knowledge of customer personalities
  • Undertaking extensive research and assessment of consumer thoughts, interests, and current trends
  • Developing specifications and content suitable for the customer personas of the brand
  • Planning content posts and sub posts
  • Planning the editorial chart and content scheme
  • Evaluate web traffic
  • Assimilate content programs with marketing campaigns
  • Receive feedback from clients and generate concepts to enhance customer engagements

10. Analytics Manager


The analytics manager is accountable for the application of tools and strategies to decode raw data into valuable business insights. Here is the list of roles and responsibilities of the digital marketing job profiles of an Analytics Manager:

  • Recognize the business goals and objectives.
  • Devise the appropriate strategies for effectual data analysis and interpretation.
  • Outline the performance metrics.
  • Implement analytical resolutions.
  • Convert the raw data into business perceptions through data analysis
  • Prepare and present reports based on methodical findings to the higher management.


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