Finding an ideal UK job is so hard now a days, and competition has led to rise in the application in internships in UK. It works when international students in UK do not have work experience in the past. This is a serious concern for the UK employers. Hence in order to edge over the others, remember to give your career a boost, internship is the best option during your study in UK. It is also true that most of the UK university degree programs offer you the option to be eligible to work along with score high in your UK academics. This depends on how you plan your academic goals, study strategy, to focus on your class performance, class presentation, group projects and individual assignments. The internship is an opportunity as most of it happens in vacation, in the form of a work placement usually ranging from 4 weeks to maximum 10 weeks of summer holidays. As an international student in UK, you can apply for internships in large UK companies, internships in medium scale UK companies and/or internships in small or micro UK companies related to the sector where you want or aspire to start a job in future.

Some of the key parameters you need to note and focus on, while searching for internship positions in UK are- internship location in UK, internship offered in sector, internship type, internship deadline date. There are fixed date internship or rolling (ongoing) internships in UK that are available. There are also internship and placements opportunity in few UK companies, as they like to invest time and effort in student interns and absorb them permanently.

Therefore, it is highly advisable for all international students in UK to take up internship opportunities to add value to their CV. Remember to do these during the summer internships in UK-

· Apply for UK internship and create an opportunity for yourself to get some work experience internationally

· Get a flavour of British work culture, to work for UK large/medium/small company and in British industry/sector, to check if you want to pursue further as a career after UK degree.

· Most UK companies will offer student interns a graduate job, if they perform outstanding during their summer internship

· UK companies (often offer a mandatory) excellent training and mentoring

· Golden rule during internship to make some great corporate connection, that may help you with future UK job openings during UK job search

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