Job markets are becoming extremely competitive day by day. The most crucial thing for job seekers entering this job market is to stand out in an interview as an extraordinary one to recruiters and gain a competitive edge over others. A few tips that potential job seekers can leverage to gain an edge over others are discussed below:

Thorough Research

Conduct thorough research, and draw interviewers with the specific context. Undoubtedly, job interviewees who are aware of the company, its operations, the market, and the associated people will certainly excel. The annual reports can help potential candidates to comprehend the mission, vision, and purpose of the organisation and know what exactly matters to the business enterprise. They can get an idea about the phraseology that transpires and whether the company focuses on driving change and caring a lot for consumers or the priority is to unlock higher value for the stakeholders of the firm. Upon reading the company literature, candidates can gain a deep insight regarding the keywords that can rightly characterize the approach of the company, and then they can use these keywords back in their interview.

Show Grit and Flexibility

Strong perseverance and grit can be strongly associated with success in the place of work. A potential job aspirant intending to stand out need to exhibit grit through both academic and professional work experience demonstrating dogged perseverance and flexibility even in adverse circumstances. In case if the applicant is a fresher, grit can still be demonstrated by showing years of determination and commitment to and attainment of excellence in academics, sports, music, and other interests and hobbies.

Use the right keywords

The majority of the business organisations make use of the Applicant Tracking System (abbreviated as ATS) for sifting through hundreds of curriculum vitae (CV). Therefore, it is important to make sure that the CV of the applicant is properly customized for the particular job that the applicant is applying for and it contains some of the important keywords from the job posting. Getting appointed implies getting noticed first and that cannot happen until and unless the CV is selected for review.

Clearly state the achievements and value-add

The majority of candidates tend to use descriptors such as goal-oriented, collaborative, however very few candidates can present specific examples or cases of actually being these things. Thus, it is important to make certain that the CV of the candidate also includes details of the achievements, projects handled, value-added by one’s strengths apart from using the keywords.

Building personal brand

An effective way of making oneself distinct from the pack and remarkable right at the beginning of the job search is by building a personal brand by creating educational content in the field of expertise. Certainly, this works at all stages but is particularly recommended for executive/leadership positions.

Enquire how you can add value

The main reasons to appoint a person are gaps in skill or bandwidth requirement. An interviewer is by nature and circumstance under certain stress and is anxious to find the right talent. If the candidate can ask good questions and show that they can solve the issues of the person they would be working for, then that applicant can set themselves apart and gain an edge over others.

Become a brand advocate

Many job aspirants already know how to customize their CVs, research about the organisations, frame questions, and prepare themselves in advance. However, the job seekers who want to become distinct and want to stand out can make attempts to show that they are good advocates of the brand for the present or former organisations. By posting company news, CSR activities, special events, and articles on social media, job seekers can demonstrate that they can be dedicated employees and worthy applicants at the same time.


Undoubtedly, customizing the resume to become distinct to an organisation where the applicant does not have any relationship is indeed time-consuming. Therefore, job seekers can consider reaching out to the networks and informing them about one’s intentions. These selected people from their network can take time to read the resume and thoroughly check the skills of the candidate. Thereafter, they can advocate for the aspirant and refer you for a vacant position. In this way, job aspirants can increase their likelihood of getting a higher number of calls for an interview as companies truly love to appoint candidates referred in.

Show your entrepreneurial mind-set

Employers look for entrepreneurial nature in their selected candidates and incline people with innovative and creative thinking abilities. Therefore, sharing some of the success stories during any crisis period and the approach undertaken for solving the crisis can help in gaining an edge over others.

Demonstrate a willingness to learn

A soft skill that can help job aspirants to stand out from the crowd and gain an edge is learning agility. Learning agility refers to an inclination to learn and to keep abreast of current thinking as well as developments, engage in learning new skills, and willingness to expand into different areas as per changing requirements and priorities of the business. Business organisations invest huge amounts of money to select the right candidate and unquestionably they appoint people not just for the current period but also for the forthcoming period. So, candidates can tell stories by referring to real-life examples as a shred of evidence to establish their learning agility and willingness to stretch themselves.

Create the right takeaways

A good answer in an interview is at least giving a clear answer. A better response always includes an example and makes the hiring manager believe in what the candidate says. However, the best response can help the interviewer in drawing the correct conclusions from the presented answer. For instance, “things that you can expect from me as a candidate under such circumstances are………” Thus, the candidate can help the interviewer in creating the correct inferences and takeaways from their answer.


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