Changing careers implies that you will need a fresh start, and in doing that you will need a revised resume to go with your job hunt in an entirely new field. In your career transformation resume, you will have to convey the narrative of your transferable skills to a talent acquisition manager, clarifying how qualifications and practical experiences from your prior career are applicable, relevant, and related to the new position you are applying for. Here’s how to develop your new resume as per your choice of changing career.

Find Out Your Transferable Skills

For building up a new resume for changing careers, start by researching and understanding the new industry. Try to go through the job descriptions over and over again, and follow the industry news, and specific company news, to acquire a sense of the skills, talents, and abilities that companies require. Then, scan your old resume with all the listing of the job history to date, and jot down a list of all the skills that you have acquired and utilized throughout your career in a different industry. Thereafter, try to identify the skills that are frequently required in your new industry and try to look for matches that go with and tone well with the requirements of the new industry.

Carve out a Unique Profile Summary

Profile summary is the section that appears at the topmost section of your resume. It highlights your academic credentials, work experience, and the type of job you are seeking based on your acquired skills. In the career objective section of your profile summary, it will be important for you to connect the dots with the hiring managers to help them understand the relevance of your candidacy. You can utilize this segment to clearly explain how your former career has helped you in acquiring the skills that are also required in the new arena and for that job under consideration.

Determine the most appropriate Resume Format that will be best suited for you

Commonly, a chronological resume that records the most recent to eldest is used as a standard resume format, nevertheless, it is not the only alternative you need to choose from. In this case, when you are transitioning from one career background to new fields, functional resumes that present the most relevant abilities and skills, in place of listing out all jobs (which might not be consequential and relevant) might be a better idea. Also, you might consider using a combination resume that blends the functional format with the chronological format, for crating your resume for changing careers.

Add a Skills Section

When employers will skim through your resume, they might not find similar job experiences or job responsibilities from their industry. Therefore, whichever format you select, always try to make sure that the skills section is mentioned prominently so that they can understand that you have the requisite hard and soft skills that are necessary for performing the job that you are currently applying for.

Discard Redundant Information

For transitioning from one career to another, you do not have to use a resume that exhaustively presents all the positions held, and responsibilities carried out. Try to include and highlight the points that will help your resume to become relevant to the employers in the new arena.

Check out the Jargon

It is important to consider that though using industry-specific jargon might make you appear like an insider in your previous field, however, it can confuse and push away the employers in the new field. Therefore, try to give details of the job titles, tasks undertaken, and significant achievements in a simple and clear language that anyone can grasp. More preferably, you can try to translate those skills, abilities, achievements, and responsibilities into the insider language of the new field for framing a resume for changing careers.


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