How to use LinkedIn Effectively for securing a Job?

Professionals consider LinkedIn to be an essential professional networking platform. Undoubtedly, it is highly likely that the potential employers along with new contacts shall notice your LinkedIn profile before meeting you in person. Therefore, LinkedIn can be regarded to be an effective way of staying updated with colleagues with whom you would like to stay connected professionally. It also helps in building up a professional repute through different groups and publishing platforms. Certainly, these forums/groups can be effectively used for showcasing professional areas of interest and skills among the network and outside the network as well. Thus, two important components of using LinkedIn effectively include framing a good profile and using the profile for publishing and sharing relevant content from time to time.

Framing a Good LinkedIn Profile


It is important to use an appropriate photo on your LinkedIn profile. Conventionally, people are less likely to include a photograph with their CV as there is a chance of unconscious discrimination based on the picture. However, more than half of the LinkedIn profiles have a photograph attached to them. This is because a LinkedIn profile is not just principally a recruitment platform but a means of reaching out to people. A photograph, however, helps in making people seem more real, human, and social, and further helps in connecting with other people. It is best to use a recent head-to-shoulder photo where you are looking professional. So, the gist of the story is that photography helps in establishing a connection and assists people in remembering you.


The headline section of the LinkedIn profile needs to be like an elevator statement that is, a summary that can be used to define a person quickly in simple terms, their profession, business association as well as a value proposition. Therefore, it is important to present a unique statement describing yourself in not more than 120 characters. The bottom line is that headline is the first thing people notice, thus, it is important to make sure that the heading aptly describes you so that viewers can get the right impression. A confident statement can also set you apart from other professionals and help you gain a competitive edge over others.


The summary segment in the LinkedIn profile is an extremely important part of the profile that everybody will read, therefore, the summary gives the space to creatively define who you are as a person, your capabilities/skills, and experience in brief, strengths, and academic background in around 2000 characters. It is important to keep in mind that the summary needs to include all the pertinent information with a focus on your achievements and present your exclusive selling point in lucid language. Also, it is important to make sure that the summary section also contains all the keywords that employers search for so that employers are more likely to find you in their search results.

Experience and Education

Just as in your resume, the LinkedIn profile also needs to have all the pertinent information regarding your employment histories, and educational qualifications. Nonetheless, it is not necessary to present all the minute details. Incorporating keywords in the title section, summary, and description can also help potential employers in reaching out to you. Also, it is advisable to avert reflecting huge gaps in the career history. Again, the educational qualification section is also extremely important to understand candidates’ academic background and history. After gaining a few years of experience as a professional, it becomes less important to mention all minute details of the degree that you obtained and the way it is relevant to your career path. However, still, it will be imperative to include the subjects that you studied, and the category and type of the qualification.

There are certain practical networking insinuations of including the employment and educational details in the profile. At the time of connecting to people, LinkedIn enquires how you know a certain contact. You can mark them as school/college association or any former colleague and you can select an institution or any company where you both studied or worked. Therefore, it is imperative to mention this above-mentioned information to avoid missing out on a large part of your connections.

Skills and Endorsements

It is important to reflect and think about the skills/competencies as keywords that search keywords for potential employers. The commonly used and specific terms can be used so that you are easily reachable by employers. As far as skill endorsement is concerned, you might approach your contacts to endorse specific skills for you to make yourself more reliable.


In this interest section, candidates need to include all professional interests, namely, areas of expertise, any special course, or voluntary work. It is not advisable to include hobbies, or other pastimes in this segment as it can look non-professionals. Things that you love to do can be shared with friends on Facebook and not with your connections on LinkedIn.


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