First day in your UK internship


First day in your UK internship is both nervousness and excitement in your belly. While it may differ from internship job descriptions, the company, the culture, this is what a typical first day in internship may look like. The first day or rather the entire first week is slow, introducing yourself, if there are others in internship batch recruited, you can get to introduce each other, college/university, course or specialisations. This is the ice breaking until the ‘internship spoc’ helps each internship candidate  is to really about learning the ways and methods, and your new internship colleagues will be there to help!

Introductions – As an intern in the UK company , you’ll be taken on a tour in the departments, either partially or fully within the office building. You will need to ask about kitchen/restaurant and other facilities, and routes of staircase or life, escalator depending on how large the enterprise is. If you are lucky, within first or second day of internship you get the chance to meet those key people with whom you will work or the department head briefing about activities and processes. You can’t remember everyone’s name  but scribble down or may be say in the end ‘I cant remember your name’, or ‘Can you tell me what you do again?’.

Meet your supervisor – Your new internship supervisor is who will guide you through the internship task. He or she is the one, who will take you to the floor and introduce you to department people. These are the people with whom you’ll be working on a daily basis. Your department may be huge, so you may have a team allocation with few colleagues. They will buddy with you to settle in and get up with logins and email access for interns. Keep asking them questions and note down during your first day of internship. The do’s and don’ts all about your responsibilities as an intern. Remember how of everything, focus and be attentive or else remember to ask your line manager.

Internship forms to fill in – You will be asked by the human resources (HR) to fill in internship forms, and you may need to give them your National Insurance number or bank details, if you haven’t already provided these. You may be given various documents like SOP standard operating procedures, about company policies for operations, take time to look into these carefully.

Internship Induction – Most companies will use your first day as an ‘induction for interns’, a  planned programme helping you to find out and adjust to organisation culture, work methods, its policies or department work culture. Raise your worries or concerns, it’s a good idea to raise them during your induction.

Health and safety information – your UK internship company has the responsibility to look after your health and safety at work. therefore, so you should be told about any risks at workplace and  safety equipment locations:

  • where the fire exits are
  • where you can find the first aid kit
  • whether you need any special clothing or protection to do certain parts of your job

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