If you want to pursue a career in investment banking, you will have to secure an internship first.  However, it is hard to land an internship in investment banks. Goldman’s internship applications have increased to 17% during 2021 as per the reports of Business Insider. This suggests that Goldman received around 202,000 intern applications in the past year and the acceptance rate was only 1.4%. These internship opportunities offer high compensation and are extremely alluring, therefore, innumerable candidates are applying for a few vacant positions.

Are you searching for a suitable Investment Banking Internship? So, how do you want to approach and go about securing an internship first and then eventually get a graduate job offer?

The majority of the investment banking and management houses offer internships and it is also a part of their graduate hiring process. So, if you can prove yourself to be worthy you can eventually acquire a full-time graduate job offer before your final year.

How do I find an investment banking internship?

At the time of applying for internships, it is essential to have a broad understanding of various divisions/functions within the banking segment, however, you don’t have to know specifically which team you have to join. The primary aim of the internship will be to learn about the different roles, functions, responsibilities, and teams. You have to think above and beyond corporate banking as there is a lot more to investment banking than the general banking roles.

Attending company events, speaking to senior students who have completed their investment banking internships, or going through the official website of the company will certainly help you gain a thorough understanding of different segments of the business and areas of operation.

You can search for investment banking jobs both ONLINE & OFFLINE


Online circulation of resumes on the company website: You can directly check the career section of the company and send your resume directly.

Job Portals:

Several online job portals are there that can help you search for investment banking internship options. For this, you will have to first create an account on these portals and then upload your resume. You can check here at Stunited’s Job posting site for internship positions and apply for the same online. Other portals include Indeed, LinkedIn, Reed.co.uk, Totaljobs.com, Monster, and others.

Social media:

This is one of the most popular modes of circulating your resume. You can join our professional social media sites (Stunited.org) [A Dedicated Social Media to Facilitate Higher Education Globally. Connect, share ideas, ask for suggestions, and discover full-time/part-time/internship opportunities in the UK]. You can call us (@01604328800) and consult with our experts for queries on an internship in the UK at Stunited. Other professional social media sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook can also help you with lots of information available out there on specific groups posting job openings regularly. You can follow us on Facebook for regular updates on job openings.


Campus Placements: Companies visiting your campus to offer you an internship is also another incredible opportunity to advance as an intern in an investment bank. For that, you have to roll up your sleeves and prepare for the interviews to crack it. Be prepared with the details of the company, get an overview of the industry, and learn about any recent developments in the company. Also, you can make an effort to showcase your skills and try to match them with the requirements of the industry to make sure that you do not lose the opportunity.

Contact Job Consultants

One of the effective ways of getting an internship offer is meeting up with job consultants. You can get in touch with the consultancy firms now and then as the job experts know about the available internship opportunities at various investment banks in the job market in the UK. This is an amazing way of connecting with recruiters these days. The chances of success here are quite high as the consultancy firms will be constantly sending you for interviews and meetings. Appearing for job interviews and repeatedly taking your chance shall certainly direct you towards success.

Need help? We, at Stunited, also offer internship support and can help you navigate the job market in the UK.

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You need to create a strong network to enter, sustain and grow in the job market in the UK. However, the internet has made networking simple. You can read the blog “Networking Tips for International Students Looking for a Job in the UK” to learn the networking tricks in minutes and become a pro. However, for networking, do not depend solely on the internet or social media platforms. Try to go the extra mile and catch up with people in-person in the investment banking sector. Certainly, this will be of immense help as you can get some business cards, continue to stay in touch with them, and ask for advice and referrals as and when needed.

How to make a great impression in your job application?

Do a thorough research

Hiring managers expect the candidates to know the roles they have applied for and to have an in-depth understanding of the industry. So, try to read the Financial Express UK regularly as you will be expected to have a huge technical understanding and awareness regarding the developments in the industry.


Reflect and try to think about the skills that you’ve acquired while studying and think about how they might be pertinent to the particular role you’re applying for. In case, if you don’t have any relevant work experience, think about even the small things you’ve done, seminars attended, projects undertaken, extracurricular activities, and the skills that you’ve acquired through this process. Then, try to match the same skills with the requisite skills for the role of an intern in investment banking.

Prepare the probable questions beforehand

Be prepared for the fundamental questions regarding the job role, banking segment, and technical aspects of the business.

Craft a resume suitable for investment banking

A suitable resume for the investment banking internship must have a scannable layout, powerful career objective and profile statement, proper display of requisite skills for the position, and relevant academic details, along with a winning cover letter. Without a compelling resume, you might even fail to get the interview calls. So; the resume has to be the one that can pass through the initial screening and applicant assessment system. If you’re not hearing from employers about your applications despite having all the required skills, then your resume might be failing you. Are you still not having a resume?  Look at our templates here. Get it designed here.


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