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Preparing for internship interviews in the UK is one of the most serious tasks for UK University students.  This  involves self appraisal and self preparation,  so that you as a candidate are required to be internship interview ready,  no matter what questions are asked during the internship interview process.  Well, it is safe to assume that the interview for internship application is a structured one,  with a set of internship questions that revolves around you as a candidate,  your educational background,  your choices and specialisation,  little about your upbringing or family background,  interest or hobbies etc.  However,  the key to a brilliant performance in an internship interview depends not only on you,  but mainly on internship interview practice. How do you ensure that you prepare for interview,  before applying for internships in UK?  In order to achieve success in internship interviews,  you are required to network and find out batchmates within your UK university,  with the same wavelength, thinking, and preferences.  It is ideal to form an informal group with batchmates, targeting internships in UK organisations,  or  targeting internships in MNCs abroad. 

While you might be wondering,  the key to a brilliant internship interview performance, the  answer lies in the quality of internship interview preparation. Some UK students are also thinking a step ahead, like securing a job in a UK internship company. Let us take a look at these tips to get an internship interview ready in the UK. Before that, let’s explore the  types of internships in the UK.

Types of internship interviews for UK University students

There are different types of internship interviews that have emerged post COVID19 in 2020. In some cases, you’ll only need to succeed at one of these to land an internship role after officially applying for internship positions in UK organisations. Alternatively there are  particularly large UK organisations that seek UK university graduates or MBA where there are several rounds of interview formats, post internship application process.

Face-to face interview for internship –

The format of traditional internship pattern is the most common form of interview but was suspended during the year 2020 due to COVID19 pandemic. UK university candidates need to be physically present in the employer’s office, and are questioned on your suitability for internship position applied, either by internship recruiter or by a panel of recruiters. Face-to-face interviews for internships vary between 45 minutes and one/two hours. ,It may or may not be preceded or followed by analytical tests and exercises, where multiple choice questions are asked to test the competency of the internship candidate. 

Telephonic internship interview –

Most often used now by UK employers, and also in the  early stage of the internship application process. It is a stage to filter out large numbers of internship applicants. Only the successful candidates in this round are typically invited to a face-to-face internship interview. Remember each internship interview stage carries weightage assigned by the organisation’s HR assessment centre. A detailed telephonic internship interview can last around half an hour.

Video –

Increasingly popular amongst the  large employers in UK or MNC firms in UK, video internship interviews are designed to test internship applications for specialised positions like MBA in specific profiles. Video interviews for internships are often live and will tend to last around 20 minutes to 30 minutes. These have become increasingly popular as they have  been used due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which saw the majority of things shifting to online platform including video internship application process in UK.

Assessment centres –

Lastly the HR assessment centres, help the employers to compare the performance of lots of internship candidates using HRIS software at the same time. In a large enterprise or MNC internship candidates are required to attend an assessment centre with other applicants, take part in tasks- group discussions, team exercises, presentations, and take psychometric tests. 

As a UK University student, therefore, be prepared to face these stages of internship interviews before you qualify as an internship candidate for any organisation.  for a small and medium sized organisation, that has stages which may not apply. 

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