Tips for creating a good impression during internship interview


We came across many students in UK Universities who are asking our internship experts in UK, with the following questions  – How do I make a good impression for any internship in the UK? Can you guide me how I stand out in an internship interview? How do I make a good impression at an internship interview? How do I manage to make a good impression on a virtual internship interview process? It is evident UK university students are concerned about creating a positive impression in the internship interview process right at the start. The realise the importance of the above questions therefore narrows down to how to make your internship successful or rather what makes internship successful? You can look up in the UK university course guidelines to find out when should I apply for internship? Or can I apply for the internship in the first year in the UK University. However, the more tricker questions, in internship FAQs are when to look for summer internships, what should be my internship topic, how to be successful in the internship application in the UK? Here are some tips for creating a good impression during internship interview-


RULE one – Show yourself in a positive light as an internship candidate

Irrespective of your background, experience, educational qualification, institutional ranking,  gender or ethnicity.

Rule two –  Punctuality

For internship interviews within UK company premises, arriving late will increase your stress levels. Additionally it gives an impression to the employer, the first bad impression, so do your best to arrive in good time. In the virtual internship interview, be on time, to impress the internship with online or digital etiquettes.

Rule three – Positivity and enthusiasm –

Always be polite and professional with any internship staff you meet before or after the internship interview. Secondly  if you’re feeling nervous, remind yourself that the worst thing that could happen, is that a second internship is always there. Exhale out breath of nervousness out of your body, clear your mind.  During the internship interview, remember to be attentive, and respond to questions with positive statements. Behaviourally as an internship candidate, be enthusiastic about the job and avoid negativity and badmouthing your previous employers or university tutors.

Rule four – Body language

Give a firm handshake to your internship interviewer(s) before and after the interview session. Once you get permission to be seated, sit naturally without slouching in your chair or leaning on the desk. Throughout the internship interview, remember to smile frequently, try to maintain steady eye contact with the interviewer.

Rule five -Clarity

Answer all questions clearly and concisely. Maintain 7 Cs of communication throughout, provide support for evidencing your most relevant skills and experiences and achievements. Remember that it is acceptable to pause sometimes, when it is a lengthy explanation, or  before answering a difficult question. But remember to join the dots of complexity, how you overcome them. Think fast! to think within milliseconds,  or rather clarify the question, if you’re unsure what a question means. When answering, don’t speak too fast, during an internship interview.

The above tips for creating a good impression during internship interview, however are not complete and complete. You need to practice internship interview mock sessions with your batchmates, prepare a list of probable internship interview questions, tips for preparing for internship interview in UK, get an internship CV, steps to follow for getting ready for UK internship,


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