e-internship tips for UK university students

Higher education students both in UK college and at UK university is focussing on e-internship tips for UK university students. Now the options are – Full Time UK Job, Internship in UK, Work Placement in UK, or PSW Scheme in UK. COVIDI19 pandemic waves in UK, has brought a change in the UK internship market, where UK University students had to adjust to remote teaching over the past year. This trend has affected the UK internships too, so virtual internship and e-internships are offered along with normal internships at UK office. As the world has changed swiftly to remote working modalities during COVID19, it is important for you as UK university student to get ready and face virtual internships or e-internship tips for UK university students. Most of the IT firms are  prospecting the idea of returning to the office worldwide, remote working (working from home) or even what is known as a ‘hybrid’ approach to task even in internships in UK.

Let us understand hybrid working?

Hybrid working refers to  utilising a mixture of physical office presence in the working hours combined with the remote working options for the workforce. Even though it is the best of both worlds, as you get the experience of the office and remote working online, here are some tips on how to make the best use of e-internship tips for UK university students.

Best tips for virtual internships

Working remotely isn’t tough or hard, but as UK University student engage during Internship, it is important to remember that there will be many internship candidates like you. Everyone is different and that it takes time to find out what is required in internship, the culture, patterns or tasks to be followed in remote mode. Virtual internships in UK, may work for some, while what works best for you may not work for other interns.

Step 1: Make lists everyday

This one can be a huge life saver for interns, YES! There will be lot of internship related communication online, which is too engaging at the beginning of internship. Trust me it’s been a game changer only if you maintain a log of events, things to do, things to learn while onboarding during internship. Creating lists helps effective time management for interns, makes it easy to visualise tasks. Additionally, it help compare and prioritise, helping to allocate sufficient time to accomplish internship daily tasks and achieve high quality within the time frame allocated. Logbook for interns, can also prevent from forgetting tasks as it impacts student reputation in the UK firm. No matter how big or small the British firm is, internship etiquettes and communication is a priority. There is no worse impact than someone asking what have you done during the entire day of second day of internship.

Step 2: Planning everyday during internship!

Plan tomorrow before you finish today! – it is one of the best ways to guarantee a productive day at internship. Planning your next day’s internship tasks, towards the end of the previous day is a great way to organise as an intern. So initially as an intern, you will have to hit the ground reality, communicating the spoc, early morning reporting. Every day in internship, starts with the flow of internship work. Remember as an intern, to focus on early hours,  as it creates a flowing first hour of the day which can really set the tone for the next few hours. It can also really help to avoid sitting like dumbo and prevent procrastination.

Step 3: Practice your note-taking during internship

As an intern in UK, if you are fast note taker, then this is helpful, as being able to note take quickly and also neatly, helps you picking up what to do as an intern, for the internship task. Lots of your internship communication during virtual internship will be done over video calls. You will attend online meeting of interns virtually, where you will be briefed about internship job description to each intern, assigned tasks for the interns on daily, weekly or monthly basis. Different internship positions have different conditions – don’t get into the habit of being assigned a task and saying to yourself “I’ll remember that”. All interns must write all the important details down so you don’t forget them when you come to doing the task later in the week.

Step 4: Interns don’t be afraid to ask for help

Interns in UK need to ask for help, be clear minded and express what kind of help you need in virtual internship platform. It is however, often easier said than done, but don’t ever feel like you are annoying the internship spoc, by frequently asking them internship questions. Have a quick 60 second think as to whether you can solve the issue yourself, if not then ask the question. Methods to clear internship doubts is sending email or text message asking for help. This strategy is far better than doing internship task shoddily. Additionally ask other interns about their approach, and learn from others by asking questions adding to your growing your skillset!

Step 5: Use 7Cs of communication while asking questions!

Remember the manner in which you ask questions, is important. Therefore, use the 7Cs of communication from your business communication course. Asking huge number of questions isn’t good, but at the same time it is important for you as you are unsure about that internship task. The general rule of thumb interns need to adopt, is to ask questions to the point, where you can then go on to explain the task to someone else. It implies that having a perfect understanding and increasing, the chances of the task being done correctly first time around. Use 7Cs of communication while asking questions.

Step 6: Take breaks in virtual internship

Virtual internship means you need to manage your daily routine time management – if you think all day about how to manage your time during e-internship then its bad time management. But for now we’ll just touch on your breaks in virtual internship. Make sure interns look after yourself, drink water and washroom, look outside from the window in order to avoid burning out. Depending on how much break you are allocated during virtual internship, the intern can use apps using smartphone to get reminders by hours. Therefore, plan your day beforehand and set out break  time ahead, in your day , as you need time to recharge. Remember that your afternoon productivity decreases after food intake, which is why varying the pace of remote internship task is important.

Step 7: Get to know other interns

Get to know other interns with whom you work is important. It is an easier option when you are in the office, but virtual internship requires to form groups in Whatsapp, or in Facebook if the volume of interns is large. It shouldn’t stop you getting to know everyone virtually! Create a time, a group, form norms and rules for interacting with other interns over video calls, email or instant messaging. Remember that it may also take longer to break down communication barriers with other interns. This is important as if you get to know interns more personally it helps in collaboration, knowledge share during virtual internship, building solid bonds.

Step 8: Try to maintain  normal routine during virtual internship

Try to maintain  normal routine during virtual internship in the daily routine, means that any disruptions of urgent internship task should not impact your daily routine. As an intern, manage your  morning routine well. This first step is a perfect way to boost your productivity, mood, and your attitude for rest of the day during virtual internship. It improves your internship performance and gets you in ‘go with the flow’ mindset during internship.

Step 9: During internship not sure what you’ll be doing?

During internship not sure what you’ll be doing? You might be thinking weird questions. Believe me, there is no need to worry. As a general rule, UK university students as interns tend to worry about  uncertainty, restrictions, rules and norms of internship. It all about adaptability current environment or virtual internship work environment,  where there is higher degree of uncertainty due to virtual barrier from the intern and the physical office. Our best advice is to just ask, to calm down and adapt to virtual internship, use communication to find a way to get in touch with the internship spoc in the  business and get the internship task done!

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